stuff I drew on the paper app

T shirt
Shirt filled with things that start with the letter T
Still stuck so suggest me things please?

Let me tell you about my first time on Craigslist…

Old rant doodle. Haven’t posted in a while so I feel the need to put something up.
Inside joke ft dani, madison, jessica, and me
Dumb drawing as this url indicates.
Finished this a little while ago. The quote is from the song Small Bump by Ed Sheeran. It’s about a baby. I really like it and I love this song. Also really proud of how this came out.

(Horror movie themed) thank you drawings for the person who got me the pencil (ps you should all follow her bc she had to delete and start over )
Kinda like the white more than the green. Also they unintentionally look like gloves bc I can’t draw fingernails but still pretty proud of myself :)

I drew somebody my roommate was mad at at the moment

This is something my friends here do and it makes me really happy
This was my first drawing on the paper app (I had half the intention of making it look like it was drawn by a child so that’s why it’s kinda crappy)
really simple and dumb drawing but i like how i used the blur here